Submission of documents for Title Check from Registration to Updating your name in the land revenue records reflecting on 7/12 extract/Khasra, to you or your Advocates which would include :


1. Village map with boundaries marked.
2. Gut map issued by Taluka Inspector of Land Records (TILR)
3. Original Certified extract of 7/12 showing living land owner’s name on it.
4. Original certified extracts of Form 8-A & 6-D
5. Identity proof of landowners / confirming party.
6. Sale Deed between current and previous Land Owner, if any.


  • Obtain individual consent of the willing sellers to sell and transfer their lands and also to publish the same in newspapers along with the signature of independent witnesses.
  • In case if any Agreement to Sale is executed by the landowners with any third party, obtain NOC from such third party.
  • In case of any mortgages and charges on the land, we shall obtain and furnish No due Certificate from all the lenders.
  • Any other support for betterment of title verification as desired by the Purchaser’s/our Legal Department.
  • Landowner’s Identification in the format given by the Company with supporting documents such as Aadhar card copy / Voter’s ID card / Driving License.
  • Arranging of farmer(s)/land owner(s) at the time of signing Agreement to sell or any other document.
  • To assist the Purchaser’s surveyor to establish Land Boundaries and measure Land area, wherever required.
  • Settlement of dispute between co-owners, if any.
  • To apply & Subsequent follow-up and obtaining the permission from the Collectorate in the case Section 43 & 32 (G) Land under Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural lands Act 1948.
  • To obtain new 7/12/Khasra, 8A & 6D, showing the company as the new owner.
  • To provide pole fencing on purchased land with peaceful possession.
  • Assisting and co-operating with the Purchaser’s team in any other relevant matter, if required.